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New Year’s Reading Group

After a hectic year and all the celebrations, we want to start the new year fresh with some reflection, combined with hot chocolate and nice discussions. For this reading group we’ve asked several people connected to common-place to propose a text connected to issues concerning the collective such as (among other things) the potential of […]

13.01.2020 , common-place, Berlin, Germany

An Evening of Vocality Beyond Language

Common-place invites you to join a performance by Victoria Cóccaro & Matías Laje and to participate in a collective improvisation with DJ Zhao. These encounters will revolve around different approaches to the deconstruction of spoken language through sound. 18:30 – Intervened Reading Victoria Cóccaro & Matías Laje explore the threshold between poetry and sound. They […]

05.10.2019 , common-place, Berlin, Germany


The archive of León Ferrari

An afternoon with Paloma Zamorano

“I draw words that tell things … The way of writing, of drawing the words, is part of its meaning, as is the tone of the voice that pronounces them. And I write drawings to tell thoughts, images that words don’t know how to speak” León Ferrari On Sunday September 1st, 2019 at 5 pm, […]

05.09.2019 , common-place, Berlin, Germany

Activism and performative strategies in post- dictatorship Brazil

During this common-place event we invited three people to talk about their subsequent researches in the fields of anthropology and art. A common thread and shared point of interest was formed by different forms of activism through performative strategies in Brazil. Rubens Mascarenhas Neto & Vinícius Zanoli Black, LGBT and from the Favelas: an Ethnographic […]

28.08.2019 , common-place, Berlín, Germany

Attributes and healing powers of plants

Herbal Workshop

With Sigrid Mühlen as our guest, we took a walk through the garden, discovered the herbs and plants growing there and later learned about their attributes, healing powers and applications. In a second session we will engage in ancient techniques of making medicine out of plants.

06.08.2019 , common-place, Berlín, Germany.

The Long Game and its Contradictions

A Macro/Micro View of Chinese Revolutionary and Market Socialism.

The vacuum of basic information in the West about China’s history and present, and in its place, many layers of omissions, distortions, and fabrications, has contributed to pervasive misunderstanding and mistrust of the People’s Republic, and served the concerted ideological agenda of the Western bourgeois states, for many generations. In this talk Leo fills some […]

20.07.2019 , common-place, Berlín, Germany


common-place at Decad

A talk organized by Judith Lavagna, Mahony and Luz Peuscovich

Common-place is a fluid community working in different fields of creative, social, material and critical practice, trying to create an environment to nurture art and ideas engaged with society, philosophy and lived experience. This project is shaped by a shared interest in new formats for creation, development and exchange. Our interests are grounded in a […]

22.03.2019 , Decad, Berlin


sketches of transhuman memory

Tomás Bartoletti introduces the project that he will develop in January in Patagonia (Contra Almirante Cordero, Río Negro). Paleontopoetics was selected for the art-in residency program Barda del Desierto, based in a rural school, and seeks to explore the enduring construction of ideas about the Patagonian desert, Jurassic memory, and paleontology. By navigating through the intersections of […]

Notes from trembling community in a wilful state of flux

Group show

Taking its inspiration from the writings of poet and philosopher Édouard Glissant (1928-2011) Notes from a trembling community in a wilful state of flux focuses on the movement and multiplicity of language, cultural identity, and the production of knowledge.

With his book Poetics of Relation (1990) Glissant offers us a tool to reimagine the most pertinent questions of our time. ‘Instead of fixed places of origin, he offers sites of connectivity, where multiple histories and ways of being can coexist. Instead of roots, he offers the dynamic process of creolization, a poetics defined by its openness to transformation. Instead of a world of nations, he offers the archipelago, an image of the world in which we are all connected while remaining distinct.’[1] One of the guiding principles in Glissant’s thinking, as well as this exhibition, is the concept of opacity (opacité). Opacity, unlike transparency, welcomes the untranslatable and unknowable. Glissant claims a ‘right to opacity’ and invites people to accept that which they don’t understand. Notes from a trembling community… experiments with different modes of relation and production through working collaboratively, and reimagining the process of exhibition making. The starting point for the project lies in a residential house in Berlin where a fluctuating group of artists, social scientists, children, musicians, curators, workers and thinkers came together last July. Here, starting with the organising principle of a daily meal together, they inaugurated a process of research into the poetic borders distinguishing and connecting them. Since then the invitation to contribute has been opened up further to a wider network of friends and like-minded people across the globe. The installation at HMK is not meant as the final stage of the project, but as another phase of a longer dialogue using Glissant’s ideas as a methodology and praxis, connecting multiple voices while keeping their distinctiveness. Notes from a trembling community… is conceived as a four-dimensional archipelago, giving the audience the possibility to draw their own lines to this ongoing project through work-in-progress, sound, video, performance, images and ideas.[1]

24.07.2018 , HMK Hoorn, Netherlands.


Four days of lectures, discussions, screenings and lunches.

The first event of common-place (out of which the collective grew), consisted of a series of lectures, discussions, screenings, and lunches organized by artist collective Mahony in collaboration with Irene de Craen/Hotel Maria Kapel, and took place in a residential house under renovation in Berlin between Wed 18th –Sat 21st of July 2018. An important inspiration for […]

23.07.2018 , common-place house, Berlín.