common-place Berlín

An Evening of Vocality Beyond Language


05.10.2019, common-place, Berlin, Germany.

Common-place invites you to join a performance by Victoria Cóccaro & Matías Laje and to participate in a collective improvisation with DJ Zhao. These encounters will revolve around different approaches to the deconstruction of spoken language through sound.

18:30 – Intervened Reading
Victoria Cóccaro & Matías Laje explore the threshold between poetry and sound. They work with the sound material of language through “Intervened Readings”, performances that consist of live interventions and the processing of Victoria´s voice, while she reads her poems.

19:30 – Collective Vocal Improvisation 1
DJ Zhao organises a collective sonic sculpture made in real-time by weaving an immersive sonic tapestry with the voices of participants, fusing with a pre-arranged audio track. We listen to each other, build from each other, call and respond to each other to create all sounds except those part of any language, including the language of music.

No previous singing experience required (in fact, discouraged), but space is limited, so join this part of the evening if you want to create a collective sound-work which will reward later and repeated listening (yes, it will be recorded)

20:30 – Food (bring some to share if you like), Music, and Dancing