common-place Berlín

Mano Leyrado

Artist-Curator, was born in 1987. His practice includes installations, performance, video and net-art to produce conceptual artworks related to communication, culture and social issues.

After working for many years with video live performances and media art, during the process of graduation in Art Curation and Cultural Management, he approaches to contemporary art.

His highlighted exhibitions were “The ghost between the words” a solo-exhibition at ZK/U from Berlín Germany in 2019, “Workes and processes” at KCB from Belgrade Serbia in 2018, “Post dial-up” Centro Cultural Recoleta from Bs. As. Argentina in 2017, EAC from Montevideo Uruguay in 2016 and Palais de Glace from Bs. As. in 2013.

As a curator, recently presented “Salvajes” an exhibition of Argentinean artist living in Berlín for the 25th celebration of sisterhood between booth cities. Since 2018 he is co-founder and curator of CPU, a space for contemporary discourses based in Bs. As. Between 2013 and 2017, focusing on underground circuits in Argentina, he co-developed “Pirámide Selva” [Jungle Pyramid] a cultural platform that relates young artists from “lateral” circuits.