common-place Berlín

The archive of León Ferrari

An afternoon with Paloma Zamorano.

05.09.2019, common-place, Berlin, Germany.

  • People participating in the activity

  • Screenshot from video of León Ferrari

    During the activity we watch videos from the archive

  • Some of the material from the archive of León Ferrari

    Some of the material from the archive of León Ferrari

“I draw words that tell things … The way of writing, of drawing the words, is part of its meaning, as is the tone of the voice that pronounces them. And I write drawings to tell thoughts, images that words don’t know how to speak”
León Ferrari

On Sunday September 1st, 2019 at 5 pm, common-place invites you to a gathering of tea and wine with Paloma Zamorano where she will give us some insight into the motives, socio-political ideas, and accompanying activist strategies of her grandfather León Ferrari.

León Ferrari (1920 – 2013) was an Argentinean conceptual artist and human right activist known for his political protest art. Much of his work is aimed at denouncing abuses of power in society. The pillars of his work are based on a harsh criticism of wars, religion and all forms of intolerance. His work and his politics brought him much controversy and notoriety. He was forced into exile in São Paulo, Brazil from 1976 to 1991 following threats by the military dictatorship.