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Exhibitionisms and Blur in Brazilian Artistic Practices in the ’80s

by Victoria Cóccaro

The following text consists of the transcription from Victoria Coccaro of her presentation during the activity “Activism and performative strategies in post-dictatorship Brazil” in common-place house. _ A few weeks ago I started a research project at the Iberoamerikanisches Institute thanks to a grant from the DAAD. I’d like to present the firsts approaches I’m […]

29.10.2019 , common-place, Berlín, Germany


Modernity had its planned obsolescence: the obsolescence of tradition and of the idea of tradition. Accepting this cleavage momentum, the falsification of traditions appears as a pre-grammatical instance that is simultaneously a leap into the future-past. This falsification does not operate in the repertory of the traditions themselves, but on the purity and sacredness of […]


A conversation about ‘Notes from trembling community…’

Irene de Craen (IdC): We started this project from the ideas of poet and philosopher Édouard Glissant (1928-2011) and in particular his concept of Relation. This is a key concept in his thinking, but probably also one of the most complex ones. With it he proposes a way of relating to each other, and everything […]

23.08.2018 , Amsterdam, Berlín.

Dance Dance Revolution

The Insurrectionary Politics of Shaking It

“If I Can’t Dance, I Don’t Want to Be Part of Your Revolution” –Attributed to Emma Goldman “Music is a weapon, a real weapon, in a concrete sense.” –Desmond Tutu (1) “Dancing is the remedy of resistance, the art of the marginalized and dispossessed.” –Marc de la Maison (2) In the summer of 2014, a […]

06.08.2018 , Berlín, Germany